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Saturday Skybird
by Dale Brown, [IMAGE]2014


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Tonight I admit it to the world: I registered for my first Comic Con convention, March 9, in Sacramento. In case you aren't a fan of "The Big Bang Theory," Comic Con is a merging of hundreds of pop culture vendors and producers with thousands of fans, some of whom take their love of comics, movies, and TV to extreme levels in public.

I have always been a huge superhero fan (betcha that's a big shocker to you, eh?). As a kid I never missed an episode of TV's "Batman" series, and I was shocked to learn that there was no such thing as atomic-powered cars and that Batman and Robin weren't really roping up the side of the building. I remember decorating Easter eggs with the Bat-logo and getting into trouble doodling superheroes in the margins of my school notebooks. I can still recite the entire theme song of the Spider-Man cartoon TV series.

Batman was always my favorite superhero because he wasn't "super" at all: he was just a non-mutated Earthling who was able to do what he did by training and education--and of course a very fat dollop of Wayne money.

In college I actually made some pretty good coin selling comic books, and I learned there were plenty of nerds like myself who religiously bought lots of comics and spent a heck of a lot of time reading them every month--and they were still getting good grades. Comics were the marijuana of my world: guys and girls would come over, buy my comics, lie around the dorm reading, maybe share or exchange a few with others, then come back and buy some more. I was probably one of the biggest dealers of any kind on campus.

I think I wanted to be a comic book artist at one time. I got pretty good at drawing superheroes. In an art class we were asked to copy a work of art, and I copied a full-page frame out of a Spider-Man comic. I don't think that's what the prof was going for. Check out the drawing of Armstrong Space Station in "Silver Tower" and the shark with wings logo in "Hammerheads"--yes, those are mine.

The real world got in the way of reading comics--I haven't purchased one in decades, and I haven't read one in years--but I don't think the superhero narrative ever left me. The theme is simple: good guy versus bad guy. Good overcoming evil even in the face of overwhelming odds, the problems of keeping a secret identity secret, an occasional suspicious girlfriend, and Kryptonite always showing up when you least expected it. But in my world, the superheroes were bomber crewdogs, and the Kryptonite was the Soviet Union.

Today's comics seem a lot edgier, more personal, much darker, and--is it just my imagination, or are the female characters more curvaceous and more scantily clad?

The main reason I'm going to Comic Con is to check out the world of graphic novels. I had been speaking with a graphic novel producer a couple years back, and it sounded like an exciting prospect. I'd like to do graphic novels based on my novels and perhaps come up with some original GN series as well. What do you think?

I will be underway on book #26 soon, and then I'll descend once again into that universe between my ears. But I'll keep in touch every Saturday. Maybe I'll see you in Sacramento at Comic Con!

Skybird clear...

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