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Raise the "Ochakov!"
by Dale Brown, [IMAGE]2014


[MEGAFORTRESS.COM image] The Russians are still at it in Crimea. Reports are that upwards of 40,000 Russian troops are in Crimea--although Moscow is still not calling them "troops," only "patrols" and "security forces." Obviously they want to boost their presence ahead of a referendum next week that would somehow allow Crimea to suddenly switch from being part of Ukraine to a fully annexed part of Russia.

President Obama has responded, but it's been a pretty lily-livered response. Sending more fighter jets to NATO ally Lithuania, sending a lone destroyer into the Black Sea, pledging $1 billion in aid, and threatening to deny visas and freezing Russian assets are good moves, but they still don't go far enough. If Obama cares at all about the fate of Crimea, Ukraine, and ultimately eastern Europe and the Baltic states, these moves don't show it. If there is any stomach for facing off with Russia, we haven't shown it at all.

The U.S. needs to reverse itself and restart the process of installing anti-ballistic missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic, along with increasing the presence of anti-ballistic missile cruisers in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas; we need to kick Russia out of the G-8...

...and we need to raise the "Ochakov."

[MEGAFORTRESS.COM image] The Ochakov is a Soviet-era Kara-class anti-submarine cruiser, commissioned in 1973 in the Soviet Black Sea fleet. It was decommissioned in 2011 and was going to be sold as scrap--until Russian sailors scuttled the ship at the entrance of Donuzlav Lake, blocking seven Ukrainian warships from reaching the Black Sea.

But the Ochakov is still in Ukrainian waters. Ukraine should immediately request, and the U.S. should accept, assistance in removing the Ochakov from its sinking position. We should use U.S. Navy salvage vessels for this, but if we use civilian salvage vessels they should be guarded by U.S. Navy warships.

This may seem provocative, even dangerous. Others may think it is courageous, audacious, and sends a clear message to the Russians. I think it's about time we do something in direct support of Ukraine, something non-violent but definitely in Russia's face.

Thugs like Vladimir Putin don't care about sanctions and visa restrictions--but they do respond to direct action. It's time we step it up.

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