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I agree with Geraldo? Say it ain't so!
by Dale Brown, [IMAGE]2014


[MEGAFORTRESS.COM image] Holy cr*p! Geraldo Rivera suggested a response by the United States against the Russian incursion into Ukraine--and I agree with him!

On "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight, Geraldo said that the U.S. should put many additional military forces forward to our NATO allies of the Baltic states, Poland, and other countries in eastern Europe. I think that is an excellent suggestion. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies don't respect such mealy-mouthed responses such as freezing assets or restricting travel of a handful of Russian bureaucrats...but he does respect the employment of military power, and I think the threat of a military confrontation with the United States gives him pause.

Call them "joint exercises," "training," "maneuvers," or "base visits," but putting a few extra squadrons of planes, some Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries, and some M1A2 Abrams tank regiments in these countries would show some overt, positive support for our NATO allies. Of course, sending in tanks and aircraft require additional support troops, fuel, supplies, and money, all of which we should be supplying to our NATO allies in eastern Europe in increasing quantities.

President Barack Obama has nixed military action against Russia. Instead of the usual "all options are on the table" or "we plan for the worst and hope for the best," Obama has decided to throw in his cards and fold, instead of holding them closer to his chest. Not exactly the best way to play against a guy like Vladimir Putin.

I understand that with more military forces in the region comes the possibility of an accident, miscalculation, or screw-up that could cause an international incident at best and a hot war at worst. Putin is obviously not afraid of this, and neither should we. Dusting off the plans for war in Europe and putting our military forces back into the Euopean theater will provide some much-needed training and experience for fighting a conflict somewhere else instead of the deserts and mountains, and turn attention back to the one country in the world that can change the course of history for the United States of America...

...and no, it's not al-Qaeda, or Iran, and it's not even China (but just give them a few years): it's Russia. It has been ever since Vladimir Putin emerged as president, and it's even more true today.

Stop with the "sanctions" already, and put American offensive military forces into eastern Europe. America has been distracted for far too long with the Middle East and southwest Asia, while the real enemy, Russia, has been building its military, bullying its neighbors, and daring the U.S. and NATO to knock the chip off his shoulder.

Let's see what President Obama does next.

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