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Writers Roundtable Interview With Dale Brown
Dale Brown Interview With: Peter Anthony Holder
When a former pilot turns his hand to thrillers you can take their authenticity
for granted. His writing is exceptional and the dialogue, plots and characters
are first-class... far too good to be missed.'
--Sunday Mirror

‘Dale Brown is a superb storyteller’

‘Dale Brown is the best military adventure writer in the country’

In plot order, Dale's books are:

[Act Of War]
Iron Wolf (August 2015)

Russia has sent troops into Ukraine and Moldova, ostensibly to protect Russian citizens. NATO and newly elected U.S. President Stacy Barbeau are incensed but too timid to react with more than a warning. Scion, a clandestine company led by a former American president, offers its services to Ukraine, recommending a counterattack on Russia using a new weapon called a cybernetic infantry device (CID). Tension is high while Brad McLanahan, son of series hero Patrick McLanahan (A Time for Patriots) endeavors to train the troops in time for the counteroffensive before the Russians find their location. VERDICT Brown, one of the leading authors in military thrillers, stays true to form in his newest work. Weaponry remains the star.

[Act Of War]
Starfire (May 2014)

New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown, expands our knowledge of cutting-edge weaponry and spacecraft, and challenges our ideas about life and humanity, in this masterful military thriller that explores a future that is all too possible—and all too close: the weaponization of space.

With the death of his heroic father, bomber and space warfare veteran Patrick McLanahan, Bradley James McLanahan must now fly solo, leading a team of young engineers designing Starfire, the world's first orbiting solar power plant.

[Act Of War]
Tiger's Claw (September 2012)

Former Air Force captain and New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown is an acknowledged master when it comes to bringing military action to breathtaking life and he has received glowing accolades since his debut publication, Flight of the Old Dog. Tiger's Claw proves once again that every rave has been well deserved. Set in the near future, Tiger's Claw imagines a scenario in which tensions escalate between an economically powerful China and a United States weakened by a massive economic downfall, bringing the two superpowers to the brink of total destruction. Brown's popular protagonist, retired Air Force lieutenant-general Patrick McLanahan (of A Time for Patriots, Rogue Forces, and other Brown bestsellers), is back and preparing for the impending apocalyptic clash of men and military technology. The incomparable Dale Brown scores again with a frighteningly possible story of war and global politics that's ideal for fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

When China launches the first successful test of its anti-ship ballistic missile, the future looks bleak for America. Fearing the U.S. will lose its naval supremacy in the Pacific, President Kenneth Phoenix finds himself in a compromised position. New technology requires money, but the country is recovering from a massive recession. Without the funds to compete with China's advancing technology, are the country's days of naval preeminence in the Pacific running out?

[Act Of War]
A Time for Patriots (May 2011)

Welcome to Battlefield America

When murderous bands of militiamen begin roaming the western United States and attacking government agencies, it will take a dedicated group of the nation's finest and toughest civilian airmen to put an end to the homegrown insurgency. U.S. Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan vows to take to the skies to join the fight, but when his son, Bradley, also signs up, they find themselves caught in a deadly game against a shadowy opponent.

When the stock markets crash and the U.S. economy falls into a crippling recession, everything changes for newly elected president Kenneth Phoenix. Politically exhausted from a bruising and divisive election, Phoenix must order a series of massive tax cuts and wipe out entire cabinet-level departments to reduce government spending. With reductions in education and transportation, an incapacitated National Guard, and the loss of public safety budgets, entire communities of armed citizens band together for survival and mutual protection. Against this dismal backdrop, a SWAT team is ambushed and radioactive materials are stolen by a group calling themselves the Knights of the True Republic. Is the battle against the government about to be taken to a new and deadlier level?

In this time of crisis, a citizen organization rises to the task of protecting their fellow countrymen: the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), the U.S. Air Force auxiliary. The Nevada Wing—led by retired Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan, his son, Bradley, and other volunteers - uses their military skills in the sky and on the ground to hunt down violent terrorists. But how will Patrick respond when extremists launch a catastrophic dirty bomb attack in Reno, spreading radiological fallout for miles? And when Bradley is caught in a deadly double-cross that jeopardizes the CAP, Patrick will have to fight to find out where his friends' loyalties lie: Are they with him and the CAP or with the terrorists?

[Act Of War]

The United States has just launched the most powerful weapon in history -- a missilelaunching satellite called "Thor's Hammer" that can strike anywhere on the planet in seconds. The world's other major superpowers, Russia and China, are rocked by America's development, and they scramble to respond by gaining control of the seas.

But when terrorists hijack Pakistani missiles and fire them at Indian cities, U.S. President Joseph Gardner has only one option -- to use the untested Thor's Hammer. But when something goes awry, Pakistan decides to give China naval strategic advantage by granting access to Middle Eastern ports.

To make matters worse, Somali pirates board a Chinese freighter and slaughter the crew. China responds by brutally attacking and then occupying Somalia, quickly setting up missile pads that can target U.S. Naval ships. Now the U.S. high command is on red alert and the country's security is in total jeopardy. . .

[Act Of War]
Rogue Forces (May 2009)

"Rogue Forces" is the sequel to "Shadow Command." Patrick McLanahan is (again) retired from the U.S. Air Force, and he is now a civilian contractor performing high-tech aerial surveillance services in northern Iraq.

The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq emboldens the Republic of Turkey to be more aggressive in pursuing PKK insurgents into northern Iraq, and soon Patrick's company and the last remaining U.S. Army brigade in northern Iraq are caught between the Turks, the PKK, and the Iraqi army.

When the situation threatens to spin out of control, where will Patrick McLanahan's loyalties lie--to his country, his clients, or his company?

[Act Of War]
Shadow Command (May 2008)

Maverick air and space warfare commander Patrick McLanahan is forced to do the unthinkable: defy his commander-in-chief and wage war against his comrades-in-arms.

[Act Of War]
Strike Force (June 2007)

When a disgraced former Iranian military chief of staff engineers an insurgency that threatens to destroy the theocratic regime in Iran, a new era appears to be dawning in the Middle East . . . but one must be wary of old enemies.

[Act Of War]
Edge Of Battle (May 2006)

Violence and tensions along the U.S.-Mexican border have never been higher, sparked by battles between rival drug lords and an increased flow of illegal migrants. To combat the threat, the U.S. has executed Operation Rampart: a controversial test base in southern California run by Major Jason Richter and members of Task Force TALON.

[Act Of War]
Act Of War (June 2005)

ACT OF WAR introduces a whole new hero and a new conflict to techno-thriller fans around the world.

[Plan Of Attack]
Plan Of Attack (MAY 2004)

The unthinkable is about to happen in this high-flying novel of adventure and suspense.

[Air Battle Force]
Air Battle Force (MAY 2003)

Maverick Pilot Patrick McLanahan Takes aerial warfare into unknown territory in a heart racing new adventure.

[Air Battle Force]
Wings of Fire (May 2002)

Patrick McLanahan flies into a storm of troubles in a spectacular new thriller, packed with high-adrenalin flying action and adventure.

[Warrior Class]
Warrior Class (May 2001)

The world is falling apart, and there are plenty of people willing to take advantage. One of them is Parvel Kazakov, a Russian oilman with close ties to organized crime and an audacious idea: build a huge pipeline through the Balkans, get the Russian army to back him and everybody gets rich. Though NATO will object, the new American President's emphatic policy of isolationism will guarantee no effective opposition. Russia will dominate Europe. Kazakov will dominate the oil supply.

[Battle Born]
Battle Born (November 1999)

Dale Brown Creates a whole new challenge for aerial combat expert Patrick McLanahan. He must turn a group of young, maverick pilots into America's premier tactical strike force. And with war erupting over Asia, time is definitely not on his side.

[The Tin Man]
The Tin Man (May 1998)

Patrick McLanahan is back from the conflicts overseas--but the fighting is not over. When an old enemy hatches a daring, deadly plot in Patrick's home town, he must transform himself into a weapon of war.

[Fatal Terrain]
Fatal Terrain (July 1997)

The return of the EB-52 "Megafortress," the "Old Dog." A skirmish between China and Taiwan goes nuclear, and the crew of the Megafortress goes on the hunt to to stop the Chinese war machine.

[Shadows of Steel]
Shadows of Steel (1996)

The United States sends Patrick McLanahan and a secret B-2 stealth bomber unit over Iran to stop a new Persian Gulf war.

[Day of the Cheetah]
Day of the Cheetah (1989)

A Soviet deep-cover agent steals the world's most sophisticated jet fighter--and nearly destroys McLanahan and the High Technology Aerospace Weapons Center.

[Storming Heaven]
Storming Heaven (1994)

Admiral Ian Hardcastle must set up an air defense network inside the United States to stop a terrorist from attacking the largest U.S. airports-and Washington, DC itself.

[Chains of Command]
Chains of Command (1993)

A fledgling Air Force Reserve unit, led by the Air Force's first female combat pilot, spearheads the U.S. response to a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

[Night of the Hawk]
Night of the Hawk (1992)

Patrick McLanahan leads a special operations team into Lithuania to rescue a long-lost fellow crewdog.

[Sky Masters]
Sky Masters (1991)

Patrick McLanahan and the heavy bombers of the U.S. Air Battle Force leads the American counterattack against a Chinese invasion of the Philippines.

Hammerheads (1990)

America's first border security force takes on a fearsome Cuban military drug smuggling gang.

[Flight of the Old Dog]
Flight of the Old Dog (1987)

One of the world's classic military action-adventure novels. Patrick McLanahan leads a crew of engineers aboard the "Old Dog" to destroy a Soviet ground-based laser site.

[Silver Tower]
Silver Tower (1988)

The world's first military space station is America's only chance against a Soviet invasion of Iran.

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